Believe In You

This weekend is the perfect opportunity to unfold personal development.  This is an intensive practical weekend designed to strengthen your understanding of self and spiritual development to enhance your inner confidence. During this weekend you will sit in the power, examine self, and be asked to step out of your normal comfort zone. To become stronger and more focused in learning about you, the medium, whilst being supported by Phil and Kerry.  Both of whom have an extensive knowledge and understanding of the psychological, emotional, and mental aspects of the medium in development.
· May 23, 2021

Key Benefits:

Greater understand self and what our self-limiting beliefs / behaviours are
Move forward knowing what your own triggers and behaviours are.
Learn coaching skills and tools to maintain progression.
Become empowered and confident in self.

Course Content

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Course Includes

  • 2 Lessons
  • One to One Mentoring

    One to One bespoke online training, mentoring you through the competencies of mediumship..

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