Emanations of the Soul Pre-recorded 5hr Course

· June 8, 2021

Emanations of the Soul

Psychic Awareness.

In this Pre-recorded 5-hour course we will teach you that you have a very natural psychic ability and that you use this more often than you think.  The psychic ability is where we encourage everyone to start to develop, even if they feel they have a natural mediumistic ability, as it is the foundation of all spiritual abilities.  This day is also for people who wish to join the Psychic Wednesday classes and wish to catch up on or have a refresher on the earlier classes on the psychic.

What is often called out sixth sense, or gut feeling is part of our psychic ability.  Learning how to read another’s Soul uses this ability.  Every action, thought, word and experience is within the auric field which is emanated from the soul of that person.  As someone who has developed that psychic muscle, you can provide confirmation of and support a person as they move through decisions in their life.

A psychic reading is not about predicting or prescribing, but rather about validating and empowering individuals to move forward in their own lives with confidence.

You will leave this course with a clear understanding of the difference between psychic and mediumship and confirmation of your own psychic ability. You will:

1.Gain an understanding of how the psychic faculty works and how it links with mediumship.
2.Identify your own psychic ability and use it in your practice sessions.
3.Gain a deeper understanding of your own experiences and self.
4.Build confidence in self as you recognise your own abilities and strengths.
5.Become closer to your own emotions and feelings as you read for others.

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