Intensive Mediumship

· December 10, 2022

Intensive Mediumship
Intensive weekend of mediumship.

Have you ever felt like you got some evidence, but you know there was more? Or, maybe you had a sense that the evidence wasn’t exactly as it needed to be or you are not sure why it was even presented to you?

Do you want to take your mediumship to the next level? stand out from the crowd or be known for your strong evidence and presence of the spirit world?

Phil and Kerry will help you see how to stay in the power, with the communicator and stay in the flow of evidence as it unfolds, as this makes the evidence more personal and therefore more meaningful, more accurate and more specific.

Over the years working with thousands of students, we have found that the evidence that you present is only a fraction of what is actually there, often students just don’t know what to look for or how to use it.

Because of this, we have designed a way in which you can learn how to bypass your personal barriers and expand your evidence, by opening your mind to new evidence and really seeing what evidence you have. We will teach you how to take a deep dive into the evidence, taking your mediumship to the next level.

1. Deepen your evidence.

2. really see what you have received.

3. Present your evidence in a stronger way.

4. See, feel and hear your evidence.

5. Bring the joy to your mediumship.

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