Into the Essence

· August 22, 2022

Have you wondered how to get deeper into the feeling of your evidence?

Or noticed that you give top level evidence but struggle to get into the feelings?

Clairsentience is the power of spiritual communication; mental, emotional, and physical experiences, that lead us to how to present and understand the evidence given to us from the spirit world.

Using your Clairsentience allows you to be in the essence of the communicator at that deeper level. Dancing their dance, at their pace, and delivering the evidence in the way they wish to.

This course will assist you further develop the ability to stay in the power, deepen the evidence through being in the essence. You will increase the blend as you get to know the communicator and follow their instruction.

This leads to you delivering their evidence in the way they wish, to create healing, comfort, and awareness to the recipient.

A good medium will always be in the essence of the communicator, which is where the personality, character and all the traits of the individual communicating are. This requires for the medium to be in their own power and that of the spirit world and remain there.

This course will concentrate on Clairsentience, we will be looking at all the Clair’s as they all become part of Clairsentience.

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