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· January 24, 2022
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Four x 5 hour days of self-development and mediumship training for the progression of mediumship and spiritual awareness.

Delivered by qualified ICF coaches. 22nd & 23rd January / 12th& 13th February 2022

The full package will include 4 days training and a series of 4 individual sessions. These 4 individual sessions comprises of 1 Coaching session(60 mins), 1 Private Mentoring session (60 mins), 1 Observed session(30 mins) and 1 Spiritual Assessment (30 mins).

This course will include basic coach skills training along with personal development exercises, which will offer you insight into self and allow you to coach yourself into new mindset for the new year

It will also offer intensive mediumship training with plenty of opportunity to practice, this way you can learn about self, mediumship, see where you get stuck and in your own way and learn way to move past these. We will approach the 4 days training in a supportive way to take you our of your comfort zone both personally and professionally.

When we truly understand self, we can truly begin to understand another. Take those steps forward and delve deeper within, manifest changes that can last a life time.

You must be ready and willing for change both for self and in your mediumship, do you feel ready now to “Let Go to Let Come”.

Not Enrolled
This course is currently closed

Course Includes

  • 4 Lessons
  • One to One Mentoring

    One to One bespoke online training, mentoring you through the competencies of mediumship..

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