Public Presentation & Inspired Speaking

· September 25, 2021

We will focus on inspirational speaking and public presentation, also known as an address, using your own thoughts influenced too by the Spirit World.

More often than not, we see mediums not using the power of their soul, or the power of the spirit world to help them present and talk publicly.

This can often lead to a somewhat boring or stale presentation or address, which might be just be a story about themselves.

In fact, this leads to mediums not being asked back to present again because of the above, which can leave a medium feeling terrible.

Did you know that you can use your mediumship in your talk and that the spirit world can actually help and guide you while you present?

Did you know they would actually like to help you with this?

Just like mediumship, there is a structure and a flow that comes with presenting, there is a real power and influence behind it.

As mediums we should all learn the structure of how to put the address together, use our mediumship and deliver it naturally with good presentation.

Join us for a educational, supportive weekend where you will:

Learn the structure of a spiritual talk / inspired speech
Tap into your higher self.
Learn to blend with the spirit world so they can help inspire you.
Understand when the spirit world is working with you, and not.
Create the confidence you need to speak authentically.
Experience and feel true spiritual POWER as it moves THROUGH you.
Here’s what our students are saying:


OMG, I never knew this was possible, a complete structure to public presentation, how to design, complete and be inspired in the moment from my own souls creation, to feeling the spirit world adding more power, expression and creating meaningful presence to my talk (address).

Not only did I realise the power of the structure, but also how to be inspired to create the talk too, this process is mind-blowing to say the least, I actually felt proud of my self publicly speaking with passion, instead of being a nervous wreck, while waffling around filling the time.

Anthony – USA.


This course will be recorded and added to the secure student library for enrolled participants and those that wish to purchase the replay.

This weekend course is open to all levels, to educate and create awareness of public presentation.

No experience is needed, often education can inspire an individual to start this process of public speaking, to create confidence.


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