The Blackburn Student Demonstration

· August 19, 2023

You are purchasing a recorded demonstration of mediumship, featuring the talented students of both Phil and Kerry. This was filmed at Blackburn Spiritualist Centre.
This unique event offers a captivating insight into the diverse and individualised ways in which mediums can connect with the spirit world.

Mediumship is an art that transcends the boundaries of our physical existence, allowing us to bridge the gap between this world and the spirit world. It is a practice that relies not only on skill and technique but also on the naturalness of the medium and bringing the presence of the communicator.

This recording showcases the remarkable abilities of our students; it is also an opportunity to support the future of My Mediumship. As every penny generated from the small charge for accessing this recording will be dedicated to acquiring vital IT equipment for the development of students and participants of My Mediumship.

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