The Galt Gathering 2023

· August 24, 2023

The First Spiritualist Church of Galt and My Mediumship are pleased to present to you, an in Person 5 day Exploration of Mediumship.  (There are 3 and 2 day options too).
Wednesday 23rd August to Sunday 27th August 2023.

The First Spiritualist Church of Galt , Ontario, Canada, 2000 Speedsville Road, Cambridge, Ontario, N3H 4R6

The Galt Gathering is a five day in person exploration into Mental Mediumship.  Spend an intensive 5 days with Phil and Kerry, where you will take a close look at the mental mediumship faculty. You will pay close attention to the formal training, including the all the Clair’s as well as allowing you to express you authentic natural mediumship too. You will have plenty of opportunity to practice your mediumship for both demonstration style and the private reading. We will as always, pay close attention to you the individual, as this will form part of your growing understanding of your mediumship. During these 5 days, we will encourage you to step out of your comfort zone, to fully realize the potential that is within you. Topics covered will include:

Mediumship, the spiritual purpose and practice
Formal Training of the private reading and the demonstration
Understanding how to get the best out of your Clairvoyance, Clairaudience and Clairsentience
Learn how to use your evidence to get deeper into the objective and emotional evidence of the story
Mediumistic and Spiritual development
Private sittings and public demonstrating techniques
Working with the public

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  • 7 Lessons
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