The Next Step

· November 22, 2021

Two x 5 hour Workshops

These two days will increase your understanding of your ability in the modern world of Mediumship.

With tuition we will assist you see your potential and understand the mechanics of your mediumship. This allow you to fully appreciate where you are on your personal journey. Once you know where you are you can make the bold commitment to make the next step, feeling confident and empowered. Starting off 2022 with a fuller understanding of yourself, your mediumship and a knowing of what you need to do, to keep the momentum moving.

Under the tuition of Phil and Kerry, you will learn in a safe environment without judgement. Being nurtured through the process of learning, leaving with a fuller understanding and a new found confidence in your ability.

Key Benefits:

· A full reflection on your year’s Mediumship.

· An understanding of where you are heading.

· Reaching a deeper level of understanding of self.

· Moving into next year with a new founded optimism.

· Ready for the next step.

Course Content

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Course Includes

  • 2 Lessons
  • One to One Mentoring

    One to One bespoke online training, mentoring you through the competencies of mediumship..

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