Do you get pictures and are not sure how to use them?

Have you used your clairvoyance symbolically and are now looking to increase your understanding of what they can be used as?

This course will allow you to taking a closer look at your evidence and really understanding what you have.  This is vital in the proficiency of a psychic and medium in the modern day.  Learning to see your evidence with fresh eyes and understand how to present your evidence which stands out.

In many cases, the evidence you present is a fraction of what is can be.  It is through recognizing what is in front of you, you can then massively change your understanding and evidence.  This builds confidence, and empowers you to have presence in your delivery. 

Spending 5 hours looking at this aspect of mediumship will help you, in private readings and demonstrations.

Under the tuition of Phil and Kerry, you will learn in a safe environment without judgement, being nurtured through the process of learning, leaving with understanding and a new confidence in your ability.

Key Benefits of the Seminar

  • Delve Deeper into your evidence.
  • Present your Evidence stronger.
  • Learn to see your Evidence.

·         Learn to be objective with your Evidence.

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18 Jun 2022


3:00 pm - 8:00 pm



The event is finished.