Coaching Excellence into Mediumship

A weekend online course designed to help you meet the demands of the modern day and is a hybrid between a Boot Camp and formal training with a coaching approach.

A mixture of educational short lectures on the theory and mechanics of mediumship and plenty of practical exercises.

You will further develop your ability of working for the spirit world and the understand the expectations of the recipient in the both a psychic and mediumistic reading.

This course is specifically designed to take you out of your comfort zone and help move you progressively forward in your mediumship.  It will further create a correct mindset to give you confidence in your work and professional practice, as knowledge is power.

Coaching Excellence into Mediumship will challenge your mindset, assist you to remove self limiting beliefs and guide you through the learning experience in a safe environment.  You will let go of old habits and bring on new horizons of working for the spirit world.

Join us for a Weekend of learning and experiencing your mediumship in a new way.


Always losing your zoom links ? Not now !  We have a simple way via the website.

  • Start by logging into the My website
  • Go to the top left of the website and login
  • Once in, login to Student area on the website.
  • Click on your name (Top right hand side)
  • Hover over “Workshops” on the menu
  • Click on the “My event Bookings” pop up
  • Click on “Tickets”
  • Find Your Zoom link.
  • Click on the “Click here to join the class”


12 Mar 2023


1:00 pm - 6:00 pm



The event is finished.