The Self Coaching Medium

The Self Coaching Medium – For All Levels Five X 5 hour days of delving into self and your mediumship

22nd to 26th August 2022 on Zoom. £297

An intensive 5-day course, each day is 5 hours long.
Each day will have 3 breaks after each 90 minute class time.
This course is full of formal training, specific training on both coaching skills and how Grief affects you and your mediumship.

The 5 days consist of 2 Days Training on advanced coaching skills, 1 Days Training from Certified Grief Specialists and 2 Days Training and Practice on Mediumship in Private Readings and Demonstration.

You will receive a full understanding of how to coach yourself through your own issues and grief, to then be better able to support others on their journey. It will also assist you provide a more compassionate and balanced service for your sitters on both their needs and grief. 

Feeling stuck in mediumship is normal, and even common.

Staying stuck is unfortunately also common.

The secret difference between a successful medium and an average medium,  is that the successful medium has taken a deep dive into self, triggers and grief to better understand self on a mental, emotional, and physical level. This naturally removed barriers within the mediumship and self.

Successful mediums know themselves, their own grief and hurts so well, that the spirit world can use the depth of self and direct them to give stronger, more accurate, in depth evidence. On this course, we will

Think of it this way.  Your mediumship and spiritual abilities are so closely linked to who you are on a day to day basis, that when you fail to notice what is happening in you, you fail to notice how this affects your mediumship.

This course will bring into your awareness what was previously out with it.  We can then look at ways to move past, over and through what was holding you back and getting in the way.

After this course you will:

  • Gain confidence and understanding of own triggers
  • Gain understanding of how loss and grief might still be showing up for you
  • Gain understanding and skills to move through these barriers
  • Deepen your understanding of self and enhance the depth of evidence you can give
  • Be the fuller and more proficient medium for Spirit
  • Receive 2 Days Training on advanced coaching skills to self coach and understand others better
  • Receive 2 Days Training and Practice on Mediumship in Private Readings and Demonstration
  • Receive one day’s Training from Certified Grief Specialist

A completely unique 5 Day course that will enable you to do more in your mediumship

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22 - 26 Aug 2022


1:00 pm - 6:00 pm

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