Unlocking Self Limiting Beliefs in Your Mediumship.

Unlocking Self Limiting Beliefs in Your Mediumship

Unlocking Limiting Beliefs in Mediumship

In the realm of mediumship development, as in life and personal growth, one of the most formidable barriers to progress is the presence of limiting beliefs. These beliefs, often deeply ingrained and rooted in past experiences, shape our perceptions of ourselves, our abilities, and the world around us. They can act as invisible shackles, constraining our potential and hindering our journey towards mastery.

Understanding Limiting Beliefs

Before we can begin to unravel the grip of limiting beliefs, we must first understand what they are and how they manifest in our lives. Limiting beliefs are the deeply held convictions about ourselves and the world that hold us back from reaching our full potential. They are often formed early in life, influenced by experiences, societal norms, and the feedback we receive from influential others.

For many aspiring mediums, limiting beliefs can manifest in various forms. Some may harbor doubts about their inherent mediumistic abilities, questioning whether they are truly a Medium. Some may struggle with feelings of unworthiness or inadequacy, fearing that they are not deserving of the abilities they seek to cultivate. Others may struggle with fears of being seen and what others opinions might be of them.  These beliefs can manifest as self-doubt, fear of failure, or a reluctance to fully embrace their mediumship journey.

Methods for Unlocking Limiting Beliefs

In our research and practice as Evidential Mediums and Transformational Coaches, we have explored various methods for unlocking limiting beliefs, drawing inspiration from the field of coaching and personal development. These methods, while diverse in approach, share a common goal: to challenge existing beliefs, expand awareness, and create space for new possibilities to emerge.

Challenging Distorted Perceptions

One powerful tool we have in our toolbox is the Meta Model, derived from Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP). This model provides a structured framework, we use, for challenging distorted perceptions and uncovering the underlying beliefs that shape our reality. By asking targeted questions and probing deeper into the students language patterns, we can can help each person identify and reframe limiting beliefs.

For example, a medium who believes “I can never accurately communicate my evidence of the communicator” might be guided to explore the validity of this belief through questions such as “What evidence do you have to support this belief?” or “How does this belief impact you understanding your evidence of the communicator?”

Exploring Alternative Realities

Another effective technique is the “What If?” approach, commonly used in NLP practice. This technique invites mediums to imagine alternative realities where their limiting beliefs are not true, allowing them to explore new possibilities and perspectives.

For instance, a medium struggling with the belief “I am not worthy of connecting with spirit” could be prompted to consider “What if you were inherently deserving of spiritual connection? How would that change your approach to mediumship?”

Cultivating Empowering Perspectives

Creating alternate beliefs is a process of consciously and consistently replacing limiting beliefs with empowering perspectives that support personal growth and development. This process involves recognising the negative consequences of existing beliefs, challenging their validity, and consciously and consistently choosing new beliefs that align with one’s goals and aspirations.

For example, a medium challenged by the belief “I am not good enough to serve as a conduit for spirit messages” could work towards adopting a new belief such as “I am continually growing and evolving as a medium, and each experience brings me closer to my fullest potential.”

Nurturing Inner Kindness and Understanding

At the heart of unlocking limiting beliefs lies the practice of self-compassion. This involves treating oneself with kindness, understanding, and acceptance, especially in the face of challenges or setbacks. Through self-compassion, mediums can cultivate a deeper sense of self-worth and resilience, allowing them to navigate the ups and downs of their mediumship journey with grace and authenticity.

For instance, a medium struggling with feelings of inadequacy or self-doubt may benefit from writing a letter of self-compassion, offering words of encouragement and support to their younger self. This exercise can help reframe past experiences and foster a sense of healing and acceptance.

The Role of Mediumship Tutors

In the pursuit of unlocking limiting beliefs in mediumship, the role of the tutor/s is instrumental. Tutors who understand the nuances of limiting beliefs and possess the skills to guide mediums through this transformative process play a vital role in their development journey.

As skilled tutors, we can create a safe and supportive space for you to explore and challenge your beliefs, offering guidance, encouragement, and practical tools for growth. By cultivating awareness of limiting beliefs and providing strategies for overcoming them, we can empower you to step into your fullest potential and embrace the transformative power of your mediumship.

Embracing the Journey of Self-Discovery

Unlocking limiting beliefs is not merely a process of intellectual inquiry; it is a journey of self-discovery and empowerment. By challenging the beliefs that hold you back and embracing new perspectives that support your growth and evolution, you can unlock the full potential of you abilitand become better mediums in the pursuit of the message that our loved ones are near us and support us. 

Explore how our knowledge and a commitment to your self-awareness and personal growth, offers us insight into helping you navigate the complexities of your mediumship journey with confidence, clarity, and authenticity. As you release the grip of limiting beliefs and step into your true power, through this you open yourself to a world of infinite possibilities and profound spiritual connection.

Join us on our next training opportunity, whether weekly classes, speciality courses or face to face events and courses, so that we can share with you advanced mediumship training with an advanced level of being, to allow the potential of your mediumship to soar.

Kerry McLeod and Philip Dykes


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