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Believe in You (2 Days)

Believe In You

For all Levels. This course offers the necessary steps for you to unfold and understand your own personal development.

This intensive two x 5-hour course is designed to strengthen your understanding of self and spiritual development to enhance your inner confidence.

You will have the opportunity to sit in the power, explore questions around purpose and direction in life and step out of your normal comfort zone. There is personal reflective exercises, guidance and tools on resilience and managing change.  You will gain traction on becoming stronger and more focused in learning about you, the medium.

Through a structured process, discussion, and exercises, you will learn and recognise your own fears, triggers and limiting beliefs.  We then provide you with the tools and coaching skills to help you overcome these obstacles to live a more empowered and more confidence life

Key Benefits

  • Greater understand self and what your self-limiting beliefs / behaviours are
  • Learn coaching skills that will change you for good
  • Understand your triggers and behaviours and learn to accept and love self
  • Learn how to incorporate your learnings into your life, family, and friends
  • Become a more empowered and confident you

3 reviews for Believe in You (2 Days)

  1. Deborah (verified owner)

    This course is outstanding and well worth the investment to undertake. The course is well structured with discussion, helpful exercises in recognising and understanding our own fears, where the triggers lie, our self limiting beliefs and behaviours we develop over our lifetime. Phil and Kerry provide the tools and coaching skills to help overcome these obstacles from self, tools which lead to empowerment and much more confidence in self. This course content is not only relevant to Mediumship/Psychic development, but also to everyday life.
    I highly recommend this course. I came away from this course learning, knowing and understanding so much more about myself.

  2. Philip

    David Omo

    The course called “Believe in You” is an incredibly enlightening course in the sense of understanding self and awareness to realize at more depth your own limiting beliefs. I found myself, understanding my beliefs better and where they came from as well as getting a deeper understanding of others beliefs. The understanding of Reflective Practice and incorporating this into Self Learning is a life changer. One starts to move through a place of being stuck into having tools and experiences to move through the experiences or processes in order to learn at a deeper level. The essence of the own self is realized and this in turn allows a huge jump forward to understanding others. The feelings and emotions of self are examined and understood at a deeper level during the course as well with exercises and careful examination of coming out of your comfort zone. Personal development is key to mediumship and often not studied as much as needed but in order to become a fully realized Medium, one has to look at the whole experience of being human. I would recommend this course to anyone who takes their mediumship seriously and wants to take an honest hard look at themselves in order to grow.

  3. Tim

    In every medium’s journey, there comes a time to deal with personal limiting beliefs. Self sabotage, self consciousness, lack of self worth, listening to the inner critic and other anxiety triggers can get in the way of our development.
    Knowing and learning about what affects us through examining our inner thoughts and beliefs, and recognizing the need for specific shadow work really open the door to becoming a better medium.
    Phil and Kerry relay their experiences and coaching expertise in a way that supports awareness of our unique needs as a developing medium. If you are willing to look deep into what is keeping you from being closer to your truer self, the exercises you encounter in this class foster an authentic inner journey toward becoming the medium you wish to be.

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