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Clairvoyance 5Hr Workshop

Clairvoyance 5 hr Workshop

For all Levels. This course form part of a mediums formal training and will assist you take a closer look at your images and pictures, to appreciate and really understanding what you have.

During this 5-hour course you will learn why it is vital for both the psychic and medium to understand the training around how to use their clairvoyance, it teaches you to see your evidence with fresh eyes, which then allows you to present your evidence in a way that is both profound and accurate.

For many mediums, what they present is still a fraction of what they could extract from their image, this course will teach you to recognize what you have and will massively change your mediumship and evidence, building your confidence, empowering you and bringing power and presence to your mediumship.

Key Benefits

  • Understand the formal training of Clairvoyance
  • Learn to see your Evidence with an open mind
  • Understand how to use your Soul to determine what the image means
  • Delve Deeper into your evidence to present your evidence stronger
  • Learn to be objective with your evidence.

1 review for Clairvoyance 5Hr Workshop

  1. Dorry

    Clairvoyance is my most favourite course Phil and Kerry teach! So much so that I’ve taken it twice in order to participate in the live practice sessions that for privacy aren’t recorded. Theirs is a unique method of mining a clairvoyant picture, both for the obvious and the discrete evidence that spirit cleverly includes in an evidential glimpse I can clearly recall. As a participant, be prepared to dive into an interactive approach Phil and Kerry share that can develop your clairvoyance to an entirely new skill level.

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