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Emanations of the Soul Pre-recorded 5hr Course

Emanations of The Soul

For all Levels. This course will teach you that you have a very natural psychic ability and that you use this more often than you think.

This 5-hour course will teach you that you already have a psychic ability, you just are not sure how to use it. What is often called our sixth sense, or gut feeling is part of our psychic ability.

You will learn how to read another’s Soul through delivering a psychic reading.  You will learn how to perceive actions, thoughts, words, and experiences that are within another’s auric field, which is the emanation of the Soul.

You will learn that a psychic reading is not about predicting or prescribing, but rather about confirming and empowering individuals to see what they couldn’t before to make their own decisions in moving forward with confidence.

You will leave this course with a clear understanding of the difference between psychic and mediumship and confirmation of your own psychic ability.

Key Benefits

  • Gain understanding of your own psychic abilities
  • Gain an understanding of how to explain your psychic abilities to others
  • Gain understanding of the psychic faculty works and how it links with mediumship
  • Build confidence in self as you recognise your own abilities and strengths
  • Become closer to your own emotions and feelings as you read for others


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