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Language of Feelings 4 Pre-recorded sessions

The Language of Feelings

For all Levels. This 4-part course looks at the fundamental aspects of knowing yourself at a deeper level.

To develop your spiritual abilities, you must first understand your own feelings and responses, which allows you to use your clairsentience to understand and deepen your mediumship by feeling the reality of the Spirit world.

Key Benefits

  • Understand what happens in you, as you develop your psychic and mediumship abilities
  • Understand how to express how you feel into words
  • Increasing awareness of new feelings for the spirit worlds to use
  • Understand the mechanics of clairsentience
  • Experience a life altering change in both your mediumship and personal development

1 review for Language of Feelings 4 Pre-recorded sessions

  1. Philip

    David Omo

    The “Language of Feelings” is such an fundamental course. In order to get to know yourself at a deeper level to understand your own feelings and responses allows you to understand and feel the reality of the Spirit world. This process is explained and practiced in the sense that you will get personal experience and this helps one truly learn at a deeper level. Often, we think we know ourselves well or feel our feelings however, as human beings our feelings are not often expressed or we may not know how to express new feelings or feelings we never had before. We have to be open and really open our minds and feelings up in order to understand this process. The growth and personal development in this course that can happen is a life changing event.

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