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Sitting in the Power 2022, 5Hr Workshop

Have you heard of Sitting In the Power and never truly understood how it differs from meditation?

Do you sit In the Power and have the struggles with the mind wandering, impatience that stops you sitting or wonder what the benefits are?

This course will cover aspects of all of these questions and many more. During this course you’ll gain an understanding of the theory of Sitting in the Power, understand how the Power is used, learn to go within and build the Power, surrender to the Power as well as plenty of opportunities for practice.

Phil and Kerry will teach you how to let go and yet engage in that Power which is natural to you. This will allow you to understand the mental, emotional, and physical world of yourself.

Phil and Kerry will also walk you through the process of how it feels when the Power of the Spirit World blend with you and share the different aspects of what you might experience in this place with your Spirit Team.

You will gain an understanding of the importance of letting the Power move you, the principles of sitting regularly and receive specific exercises for you to work with the Power at home.

Every searcher and seeker of Spiritual Development including Mediums should have this practice as a fundamental part of their development.

Through building the Power, you unfold your own spirituality and touch the Divine Source of Life. You heighten the state of your consciousness, moving you into a place where the Spirit World can influence your subconscious mind, where your sensitivities grow, your spiritual ability increases, and your mediumship improves.

2 reviews for Sitting in the Power 2022, 5Hr Workshop

  1. Philip

    Julie Bannock

    I have taken several Sitting in the power classes elsewhere but found Phil and Kerry’s to be the most powerful and so easy to understand. They teach in a way that hits home and they break down the parts and allow you to experience it first hand. They empower you and let you know you are doing it correctly. They understand what questions you have and what is going through your mind while trying to sit in the power as they have been there. I highly recommend the course and the best part is you get the recording to listen to again and again!

  2. Philip

    Catherine Mchugh

    “Sitting in the Power provided a huge shift for me in how and why I approach my mindfulness and meditation time. Kerry and Phil take the time to explain clearly the various states of sitting, and how/when each is most appropriate and useful. It has deepened my knowledge of my mind, and how I can connect and serve others, as well as how I can improve my own state of being. This class is highly recommended if you want to expand your knowledge of meditation, and building a space to serve Spirit and others.”

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