The Spirit & Soul Foundation Academy

Sitting in the Power

This course covers aspects of what, why and how and you become involved in this meditative practice. Philip and Kerry will teach you to engage in the journey, to let go and be supported by the Power, allowing you to understand the mental, emotional and physical world of yourself.

A medium should have this practice as a fundamental part of their development. Through building the Power, you unfold your own spirituality and touch the Divine Source of Life. You heighten the state of your consciousness, moving you into a place where the Spirit World can influence your subconscious mind, where your sensitivities grow, your spiritual ability increases, and your mediumship improves.

During this course you’ll gain an understanding of the theory of Sitting in the Power, understand how the Power is used, learn to go within and build the Power, surrender to the Power as well as plenty of opportunities for practice. You’ll understand the importance of letting the Power move you, the principles of sitting regularly and receive specific exercises for you to work with the Power at home.

Thank you for joining us on this wonderful journey through the different levels of consciousness and let the Power unfold within.


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