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Spiritual Healing 5Hr Workshop

Spiritual Healing

For all Levels. This 5-hour course teaches you the different healing modalities and then focuses on spiritual.

For many, healing is a much misunderstood and under-used form of mediumship, however it is an important aspect of any psychics and mediumship development.

In today’s world, there is much healing needed, however it is often not being delivered by some, in a way that truly allows the full force of healing from spirit to flow.  This course will offer a comprehensive understanding of how you can make a difference.

Key Benefits

  • Gain a clear understanding of the different healing modalities.
  • Learn how to be the best channel you can be, for Spirit
  • Understand how to receive healing for self
  • Understand how to offer healing to those you love
  • Gain an understanding of being in power for healing

2 reviews for Spiritual Healing 5Hr Workshop

  1. Catherine

    “I have the privilege of watching the Spiritual Healing course with Phil and Kerry. I appreciated the clear, concise presentation of the materials, explaining the various types of Spiritual Healing and tools for participating in the process of Spiritual Healing. I would highly recommend this course for anyone who desires to learn the foundational skills, tools and facts surrounding healing through Spirit.”

  2. Anja (verified owner)

    I purchased the Spiritual Healing Course (It was actually a gift from a dear friend) while I was recovering in a rehabilitation facility after a very long year of health issues.
    This course, which I have watched a few times from my library, is so worth the investment! Phil and Kerry explain the different kinds of healing and take you through the practical application. The healing exercises that they take us through were really profound. I often refer back to the video for these parts in particular. They explain their beliefs about sending healing and how to send healing without draining our own energy.

    I feel so blessed to have had the opportunity to learn from them both! Truly a gift!

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