The Spirit & Soul Foundation Academy

Spiritual Healing Workshop

Have you ever wondered if you could be a healer or how to send Spiritual Healing?

This course will show you that you ARE, and you CAN.

Spiritual Healing is one of the most unappreciated faculties of today.

The use of healing within one’s own power, is an important aspect of any student of the psychic and mediumship faculties.

This course will teach you an understanding of the natural laws that shape healing, how to be the best channel for healing.

This unique workshop is set to heighten the senses and ability of healing, allow you to feel self-empowered, gain a balance in life and the learn how to healing self and others.

Join us for 5 hours and allow Phil and Kerry to give you an understanding of what Spiritual Healing is, how to deliver it and how it can change your own mindset and wellbeing in the process.


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