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The Empowering Self Through Change Course Bundle

“Empowering Self Through Change” is an enriching and immersive package of courses, which will empower you through the journey of change with a newfound confidence. This package of courses is transformative in its design and will equip you with the tools and strategies needed to navigate life’s transitions with resilience, confidence, and self-empowerment. Change is a constant in our lives and can be brought on by loss, grief, growth and spiritual development.

This package of courses, when bought separately, would cost over £389, but you can access them all for just £149.99.

You have access to them 24 hours of every day of the year so that you can work your way through them step by step, move between them as you wish and then go back to them again and again.

This package includes four courses with over 50 hours of material:

  • Course 1 – How to Sit in Power
  • Course 2 – Spiritual Healing
  • Course 3 – Believe in you – understand your life, decision and learn to move forward.
  • Course 4 – The Way to Your Spirit – over 35 individual lectures, 35 meditations and 35 exercises that you can work through at your own pace to understand your blocks, change your outlook to boost motivation and achieve results.

This package of courses allows you to work your way through individual lessons at your own pace, and gain tips and tools that you can use with immediate effect in your life now. Build better habits, become happier, more productive and better equipped to make these big decisions in life.

We will share with you all we know about the spiritual awakening process, how to forgive self and others, mindfulness and meditation and how to increase self-love.
Upon completion, you will have a clearer understanding of what gets in your way and how to work your way through with a coaching approach, to change your mindset and habits.

You will also have an online library resource that you can return to, for support, advice and guidance at any point, allowing you to hear something different each time you listen as your mindset, heartset and soulset grow in understanding.

Be inspired, be your true authentic self, you will then naturally inspire others.

The above Bundle is just £149.99 (that is over 50% savings, as the bundle separately is £389)


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