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The Private Reading Medium 5Hr Workshop

The Private Reading Medium

For all Levels. Learn the formal training around the structure and how to deliver a psychic or mediumship reading.

This 5 hour course will teach you the difference between a psychic and a mediumship reading and how to identify then meet the need of the sitter.  This will then inform which one to deliver, we will however teach you how to move between psychic and mediumship where needed.

You will take a deep dive into private readings, exploring the structure of a reading from start to end, how to unfold the evidence, how to appreciate both emotional and objective evidence, how to use the evidence as the message as well as much more.

This course is better understood, when taken alongside our set of 4 classes, The Spiritual Assessment Pre Recorded Course.


Key Benefits

  • The different types of reading
  • How to structure a sitting and how to meet the needs of the sitter
  • The challenges and difficulties of a sitting and managing difficult sitters.
  • Responsibilities, ethics, and professional aspects for the psychic or medium
  • Understanding differences for working online vs in-person readings



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