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The Spiritual Assessment

The Spiritual Assessment

For all Levels. This course will teach you the formal training around what that the Spiritual Assessment is, why it is needed and what people are looking for when they request one.

This 4 part course will teach you that although a psychic reading, it looks much more in depth at the soul qualities, soul urge, potential and limiting behaviours and beliefs, through colour, that can restrict the sitter achieve all that they can in life. It assists people to gain an understanding of who they are, their potential and the spiritual abilities they might have.

This course is better understood, when taken alongside our 5-hour, Private Reading Medium Pre-Recorded Course.

Key Benefits

  • Learn how to deliver an all-round assessment of an individual’s development.
  • Gain an understanding of colour and how these offer you insight to the natural soul qualities
  • Learn how to structure these into the Spiritual Assessment Reading in a professional manner
  • Learn how to compassionately create insight and awareness for the sitter of the things in their life, that might be getting in the way.
  • Learn how to appreciate the many spiritual abilities that sit within the soul and how to share these with the sitter.


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