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The World of Clairvoyance (2 Days)

The World of Clairvoyance

For all Levels. This course form part of a mediums formal training and will assist you take a closer look at your images and pictures, to appreciate and really understanding what you have.

During this two x 5-hour course you will learn why it is vital for both the psychic and medium to understand the training around how to use their clairvoyance, it teaches you to see your evidence with fresh eyes, which then allows you to present your evidence in a way that is both profound and accurate.

For many mediums, what they present is still a fraction of what they could extract from their image, this course will teach you to recognize what you have and will massively change your mediumship and evidence, building your confidence, empowering you and bringing power and presence to your mediumship.

Key Benefits

  • Understand the formal training of Clairvoyance
  • Learn to see your Evidence with an open mind
  • Understand how to use your Soul to determine what the image means
  • Delve Deeper into your evidence to present your evidence stronger
  • Learn to be objective with your evidence.

3 reviews for The World of Clairvoyance (2 Days)

  1. Philip

    Autumn Cole.

    As with all of Kerry and Phil’s classes, THE WORLD OF CLAIRVOYANCE course was exceptional. The name is simple but the concepts are many when it comes to understanding how to best utilize clairvoyance in one’s mediumship (or even psychic). I learned so much about the different types of clairvoyance, how to go deeper and feel into the evidence, and how to use clairvoyance to enhance a reading. Thinking I wasn’t that clairvoyant, I surprised myself when I took this course. The format they use for teaching is so encouraging with lectures, personal examples, practices, and break out rooms. Novice or experienced, this course will be for you. And Kerry and Phil are fun, very ethical, and so jam packed full of knowledge and experience that you will say after this class: “Now that was one awesome course!”

  2. Philip

    David Omo

    The World of Clairvoyance course is a course that needs to be taken in order to understand your Clairvoyance. Many people get images or information and just say what they have and do not understand how to feel or work with the information. Not everything you see is what you think it is, there is more complication in the practice to understand what you actually have and what information is being given. One has to actually learn a new language of the soul in order to get an understanding of this ability. In this course one gets practice and an understanding of Clairvoyance that is extremely valuable and important to understand this process.

  3. Denise

    I have taken “The World of Clairvoyance” twice and found it excellent, yet very different, each time. Each time Kerry & Phil teach a course they revise it and this contributes to that difference. Most recently, the course included pictures of clairvoyant images Kerry & Phil themselves had received as well as a discussion of their process of interpreting these images; these specific examples were particularly helpful to me. And each time I complete a course I am in a different place in my own development, so I hear things differently, see things differently and interpret things differently. This course is helpful to all of us at every stage in our development.

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