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The Worlds of Clairsentience, Clairvoyance and Clairaudience (2 Days)

The Worlds of Clairsentience, Clairvoyance and Clairaudience.
This is a pre-recorded weekend course available now.

Understanding the Clair’s is vital to your mediumship, you must know which is your strongest faculty and how the others can be incorporated into this.

Knowing this allows you to use deliver your evidence to its full potential in a way that you can make profound statements whilst being in the essence of the communicator whether it be in person or online.

Understanding how to combine the evidence from all the Clair’s makes you a more confident and competent medium. This will enable you to progress on your mediumistic journey, unfolding your natural mediumistic ability to a new world of evidence, at a much deeper level.

Through this course you will gain a clear understanding of each and how they manifest in your own mediumship, allowing you to fully embrace your own mediumship.

These two days will be informative and experiential, delivered in a supportive, safe space whilst challenging enough to keep you outside your comfort zone.

Key Benefits

Gain a clear understanding of the Clair’s.
Gain an understanding of how your mediumship works within each of the Clair’s.
Be able to understand how to delve deeper within the evidence.
How to use each element of the evidence to tell the story of the communicator.


2 reviews for The Worlds of Clairsentience, Clairvoyance and Clairaudience (2 Days)

  1. Philip

    Catherine Mchugh

    ” I highly recommend The World of Clairvoyance, Clairaudience and Clairsentience course offered by Phil and Kerry. In this course, I found a greater, clearly delineated explanation of what Clairvoyance, clairaudience and Clairsentience is, as well as tools on how to improve these aspects of connecting to Spirit. What stands out for me the most is how both Kerry and Phil guide their students to have a relationship of respect and kindness for those in Spirit, instead of just teaching how to get “facts”. Their method will expand and deepen your connection with Spirit, and in so doing, offer you a greater possibility to serve.”

  2. Philip

    Amy Spinelli

    The Worlds of Clairvoyance, Clairsentience and Clairaudience is unlike any other class on the Clair’s I have taken and I can’t recommend it enough. In this formal training, Phil & Kerry provided a deep dive into the Clairs. There was so much new / different information provided in this course that I hadn’t heard anywhere else. Not only did they explain the mechanics of the Clairs but we learned how WE as individuals perceive things and how our mind works.

    I appreciated how Phil & Kerry were able to explain a complex topic like this in such a logical way that was easy to understand and how the tools and practical exercises provided, supported my development and understanding of how to properly use the Clair’s to provide more meaningful evidential readings. This is also the course that helped me finally move beyond symbolism and understand how it was actually holding my mediumship back. (Thank you!)

    This class really is a must for new and seasoned psychics or mediums as well as anyone who is just curious about the Clair’s. Even if you have taken courses on the topic in the past, I am certain you will learn / experience something new from this training. I continue to learn new things each time I go back and watch the replay.

    Phil & Kerry are incredibly knowledgeable, ethical and talented teachers, mentors and mediums who truly care about their work and their students. I am beyond grateful to have the opportunity to learn from them and can’t recommend their courses enough.

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