The World of Clairsentience – March 2022

· March 14, 2022

The World of Clairsentience


The Science of sensing


Understanding a feeling is vital when telling the story of life for your communicator.  However, the emotive world of feelings can be complex and is influenced by our own understanding of self.

The journey of mental, emotional, and physical impressions by the communicator, ignites the spiritual state of being that you provide for them.

Clairsentience is the power behind the communication, offering an understanding of how to use your clairvoyance and evidence, finding your direction and ensuring you are with the right recipient.

Phil and Kerry will teach you within a safe environment to lose yourself in the communication whilst becoming the active ingredient.  This will build your confidence and assist you trust in your evidence and delve deeper into the feeling and emotions of the communication.  This will increase your awareness of just how natural your ability of mediumship is.

Key Benefits:

·         Understanding the naturalness of your mediumistic ability.

·         Be comfortable in the emotion and getting out of the way.

·         Build your confidence in how to use your evidence.

·         Practice being the active ingredient in communication.

·         Tell the story of life.

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