2022 Progressive Group

This programme is over includes: 12 days intensive tuition online (Saturdays and 2 weekends). 1 Spiritual Assessment before the course starts. 1 Personal coaching session.

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Altered States 5 hr Workshop

This course will be focusing on an exploration of altered states of consciousness within mediumship. How can we, as mediums, create the best environment for

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April Open Circle

OPEN PRACTICE CIRCLE This is a 90-minute open circle and is not a teaching circle. It will be facilitated by mediums who have a knowledge

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Believe In You

This weekend is the perfect opportunity to unfold personal development.  This is an intensive practical weekend designed to strengthen your understanding of self and spiritual development to enhance your inner confidence.

During this weekend you will sit in the power, examine self, and be asked to step out of your normal comfort zone.

To become stronger and more focused in learning about you, the medium, whilst being supported by Phil and Kerry.  Both of whom have an extensive knowledge and understanding of the psychological, emotional, and mental aspects of the medium in development.

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Inspired Writing

Inspirational writing Being inspired from the Soul or the spirit world can help people find solice and comfort in life, as the spirit world is

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Into the Essence

Have you wondered how to get deeper into the feeling of your evidence? Or noticed that you give top level evidence but struggle to get

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