Auckland – Exploration Day 3.

Auckland – Exploration Day 3

Episode 28 – A final meet with south Auckland Spiritualist Church participants.
We gathered for the final moment of our mediumship course, we convened at a bustling Greek restaurant, enveloped in the aromas of sizzling souvlaki and aromatic spices. Amidst laughter and reminiscing, we savored our last meal together, a symbol of the bonds forged through shared experiences.
Post-feast, we embarked on a journey along Auckland’s waterfront harbour, where the lull of the waves serenaded our steps. Under the shadow of the Sky Tower, we craned our necks, marveling at its towering presence, while remebering the 38mm glass floors beneath our feet, which offered a thrilling glimpse into the bustling city below.
As the evening waned, we exchanged heartfelt farewells, each carrying with us the cherished memories of our time together, both in study and in camaraderie.

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