Avoca Mediumship Retreat Day 2 – Video Diaries.

Avoca Mediumship Retreat Day 2 – Video Diaries

Nestled amidst the lush landscapes of Sydney, Australia, the Avoca Mediumship Retreat is offering a sanctuary for our developing mediums to delve into the depths of their abilities and explore the intricacies of emotional intelligence. As day two draws to a close, participants have found themselves immersed in their own transformative journey of self-discovery. From confronting challenging emotions to unfolding the profound stories of each spirit person that they communicate on behalf of.
As the day unfolded, participants were invited to confront the emotions that often serve as barriers to authentic mediumship expression. Recognising the tendency to play it safe with words and shy away from the depths of emotional vulnerability, we were proud to create a safe and supportive environment for everyone to share the journey of delving into the intricacies of fear, doubt, and uncertainty, acknowledging the role these emotions play in inhibiting the full expression of their mediumship abilities.
Amidst the backdrop of the lush rainforest setting, participants gather for a nourishing lunch, exchanging insights and experiences from their journey thus far. As conversations flow, the importance of mindset shifts in mediumship development becomes apparent so that mediums can unlock the natural flow of their abilities and deepen their connection to the spirit world.
In the afternoon session, participants embark on a journey to unravel the stories behind evidential mediumship spirit contacts, demonstrated first by Phil and Kerry. Stressing the importance of the first few pieces of evidence provided by the spirit person, mediums learn to discern the deeper meaning and purpose behind each contact from the spirit world. Through careful observation and intuitive insight, participants uncover the unique narratives and messages that spirits seek to convey, honoring the profound significance of each communication.
With each moment spent in the company of like-minded souls, participants are reminded of the profound potential that lies within, inspiring them to continue their journey with courage, curiosity, and unwavering dedication.

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