Day 5 – South Auckland Spiritualist Church Workshop.

Day 5 – South Auckland Spiritualist Church Workshop

As we draw to a close the Auckland Mediumship Workshop, after 5 days, we were all left with a bittersweet taste of a wondrous course together, blended with the endings of a very special time, where learnings and experiences were intertwined. Participants had journeyed through four days of intensive learning, honing their skills in clairvoyance, clairaudience, and the intricate mechanics of mediumship. Now, they stood on the threshold of their final challenge: to integrate all they had learned and embody their natural mediumship in its fullest expression.

Throughout the day, participants embraced the teachings of the workshop, weaving together the threads of their individual experiences and insights to create a tapestry of spiritual understanding. They discovered that mediumship was not just a skill to be learned but a reflection of their true selves—a harmonious blend of intuition, empathy, and spiritual connection.

As the day drew to a close, a sense of reverence filled the room as participants prepared to deliver the Sunday Service for the South Auckland Spiritualist Church. It was a momentous occasion, a culmination of their journey through the workshop and a testament to their dedication to the spiritual path.

We delivered the Sunday Divine Service in a scared space to embody the spiritual truths and philosophy, it was a beautiful opportunity to be an ambassador for the spirit world, delivering messages of love, healing.
We also gathered the words of Angela Longley and Shirley Anne Sharpe, who share with us a glimpse into the profound impact the workshop has had on their spiritual journey.

The Auckland Mediumship Workshop has been such a pleasure to deliver, sharing the love, insights and teachings of the spirit world to open the hearts and minds of those present to the infinite possibilities of the spirit world. As they departed, each participant carried with them the wisdom, the memories, and the deep sense of connection that will continue to guide them on their spiritual path in the years to come.

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