Embracing Presence: The Heart of Mediumship and Coaching.

Embracing Presence: The Heart of Mediumship and Coaching

In the realms of mediumship and coaching, there exists a subtle yet profound quality that can make all the difference: Presence. It’s that intangible essence that radiates from a practitioner, creating an environment of trust, openness, and connection. Just as a coach’s presence can profoundly impact a coaching session, so too can a medium’s presence transform a reading or demonstration of mediumship.

But what exactly is presence, and how does it manifest in both mediums and coaches?

Understanding Presence in Coaching

Presence in coaching is multifaceted, encompassing qualities such as self-awareness, openness, and genuine connection. A coach with true presence is fully engaged, mentally and emotionally attuned to their client’s needsa nd engaged in active deeper level listening with them. They exude confidence, yet remain humble and receptive. Their presence isn’t just about projecting confidence; it’s about creating a space of safety and authenticity where clients can explore and grow.

As Doug Silsbee eloquently puts it, presence is “a state of awareness, in the moment, characterised by the felt experience of timelessness, connectedness, and a larger truth.” It’s about being fully present with the client, listening deeply, and holding space for their journey without judgment or agenda.

Translating Presence into Mediumship

In the world of mediumship, presence plays an equally vital role. A medium’s presence sets the tone for the entire reading or demonstration, shaping the quality of communication with the spirit world and the recipient. When a medium embodies presence, both the sitter and the spirit communicator feel more relaxed and engaged. There’s a sense of trust and mutual understanding that facilitates clear and meaningful communication.

Without presence, a medium’s mind can wander, jumping from one thought to another, and losing focus in the process. This not only hampers the medium’s ability to receive messages but also disrupts the connection between the medium, the sitter, and the spirit communicator.

Cultivating Presence: A Journey of Self-Awareness

Developing and maintaining presence is an ongoing journey, requiring deep self-awareness, mindfulness, and a commitment to growth. Just as coaches continually hone their presence through reflection and practice, mediums must cultivate their presence through introspection, reflective practice and developing their ability to be in the power of the Spirit World.

Key elements of cultivating presence include:

  1. Self-awareness: Understanding your own thoughts, emotions, and triggers is essential for maintaining presence in both coaching and mediumship. Regular self-reflection and introspection can help uncover any barriers or distractions that may hinder your ability to be fully present.
  2. Grounding techniques:Grounding exercises, such as deep breathing or visualisation, can help center your awareness and presence, allowing you to remain calm and focused amidst distractions.
  3. Creating a conducive environment: Whether conducting a coaching session or a mediumship reading, creating a safe and welcoming environment is crucial for fostering presence. Pay attention to the physical space, as well as the energetic atmosphere, to ensure optimal conditions for presence to flourish.
  4. Active listening: Just as in coaching, active listening is paramount in mediumship. Listen not only to the words being spoken but also to the subtle nuances and energies underlying the communication. Trust your intuition and allow yourself to be fully present with the sitter and the spirit communicator.

The Impact of Presence

In both coaching and mediumship, presence has a profound impact on the quality of communication and the overall experience for all parties involved. When practitioners embody presence, clients and sitters alike feel seen, heard, and understood. There’s a sense of trust and authenticity that allows for deep exploration and transformation.

Our unique mediumship training embodies our extensive coaching training and experience, so that we can share and assist others develop these necessary ways of being into their mediumship. We emphasize the importance of presence in mediumship, drawing attention to the subtle yet powerful ways it can enhance the connection between the medium, the sitter, and the spirit communicator. By cultivating presence, mediums can transcend performance anxiety and ego-driven distractions, allowing the true essence of the message to shine through.

Presence is not just a quality; it’s a way of being—an invitation to show up fully and authentically in every interaction.
We speak of Mediumship being a byproduct of personal development. It is only when a medium acknowledges their own ability to be present in their daily interactions with family, friends and colleagues, that it will migrate naturally into the mediumship. Until this time, who and how the medium is in their daily lives, will continue to impact how they are in their mediumship and ultimately hinder or release the potential of the mediumistic ability.

Join us on our next training opportunity, whether weekly classes, speciality courses or face to face events and courses, so that we can share with you advanced mediumship training with an advanced level of being, to allow the potential of your mediumship to soar.

Kerry McLeod and Philip Dykes

February 2024


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