July 2023 News Letter.

July 2023 News Letter

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Hello to all and welcome to the July issue of My Mediumship. 

We are halfway through 2023, it’s been full of travel, teaching, seeing familiar faces and meeting new ones. As we take a moment to look back at the time past we are reminded of our passion for teaching, sharing the truth of life after death and our hope to raise the standards of evidential mediumship.  There is a saying that comes to mind here.  “The starting point of all achievement is desire” Each day brings with it an opportunity to achieve just that. This year has brought in the opportunity for more travel and with it, in person teaching, live demonstrations of mediumship and the documentation of these experiences. We are grateful for these opportunities in working with each of you and looking forward to more! With that, in this month’s issue you will find information on second half of 2023 Global Gatherings so if you would like to join us this year for a face to face workshop, take a peak below. 

For those of you who like to plan ahead….we are officially announcing our first two Gatherings for 2024!! Scroll down to see more. Last but not least, while we love our in person time with everyone, online feels just as much like home as in person does.

We have new bundles of prerecorded classes available as well as live weekly Zoom classes. Mix and match if you like! We are happy to see you in which ever capacity works best for you.

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