Sydney Day 1- Video Diary.

Sydney Day 1- Video Diary

Sydney Day 1 video Diaries
Exploring down town Sydney city
Evidence of the Afterlife: The Journey of Phil Dykes and Kerry McLeod to Australia
Day One Manchester to Sydney
We headed to Manchester airport, to embark on an extraordinary journey that will take us across continents to Sydney, Australia. Our adventure began with a chilly morning in Manchester, where wescraped the ice from the car in the morning and drove to the airport as the dampness hung in the air like a farewell curtain.
The first leg of our journey involved a nine-hour flight to Doha, Qatar, followed by a four-hour layover before our final destination after a further fifteen and a half hour flight. Despite the long hours in the air, we managed to find some respite with a few naps along the way, breaking up the monotony of travel.
Departing from Manchester, we breezed through check-ins and security, enjoying an omelete paired with steaming cups of coffee before boarding our flight. The presence of a friendly mother and her well-behaved two-year-old son made the journey more pleasant, as the little one slept for most of the flight.
Arriving in Doha, we were greeted by the glitzy lights and upscale shops of the airport, taking a moment to window shop before heading to our gate. Boarding the next flight, we marveled at the size of the double-decker plane, its massive wingspan dominating the runway during takeoff and landing.
Finally, touchdown in Sydney brought a sense of relief and excitement as we navigated through customs with ease, armed with all the necessary documents and visas. We were greeted by Vera Sprothen and Julie Bannock, two people we hadn’t seen since 2023, with Julie coming all the way from San Diego, USA, both welcomed us with embracing hugs and drove two very sleepy mediums to their hotel in Chinatown.
After settling into our accommodations, we grabbed a light dinner and ended the day with showers and a restful night’s sleep, preparing us for the adventures that lay ahead.

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