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Moving The Consciousness (2 Days)

Two x 5 hr days on the Altered States of Mediumship

This course focuses on an exploration of altered states of consciousness and aspects of trance mediumship. How can we, as mediums, create the best environment for the power of the spirit to move through us?

The term Trance Mediumship leads people to believe that it is a single point of destination to be reached. In reality, it is a moving of the mind through levels of consciousness and a close blending of minds from the seen and unseen worlds.

We will be looking at how the mind, body and spirit of the medium is utilised within the blending of the spirit world and then exploring techniques to enhance that blending.

This journey is personal to you, through your experiences you will discover the road to heightening the mind and consciousness, showing the potential of your ability.

We know the mind works on different frequencies dependent on activity stimulated through, meditation, sitting in the power, mental mediumship, healing and trance states. So unlocking the mind is key to harnessing your potential, and discovering what helps the mind move its awareness.

Many students of the altered states can become habitual within patterns of their mind. This course will open the door to you having new experiences and allowing you to move past old patterns of behaviour and unfold your potential in a way that is unique for you.

Phil and Kerry bring a fresh, educational, and modern approach to the altered states, whilst embracing proved methods and techniques of moving through altered states of consciousness.

Under the tuition of Phil and Kerry, you will learn in a safe environment without judgement, being nurtured through the process of learning, leaving with understanding and a new confidence in your ability.

Key Benefits of the Seminar

  • Gain an understanding of the different levels of consciousness.
  • Learn to blend properly with the spirit world.
  • Identify your own potential in the altered states.
  • Increase your ability to move your mind within the altered states.

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  1. Tim

    In the course “Moving the Consciousness” I found that the meditations were quite profound. They matched the step by step examination of the stages of being in an altered state, including moments of real emotional, physical and spiritual impressions. I appreciated the clarification of what the various levels of consciousness truly meant. The sharing of our experiences solidified that we each will encounter differences depending upon our unique interaction with Spirit. I gained a greater understanding of how to expand my awareness and thus open up to better communication with the Spirit world.

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